Accueil Société Saint Nicolas in Vandoeuvre , the true and incredible story of horror as real to exist !

Saint Nicolas in Vandoeuvre , the true and incredible story of horror as real to exist !



Born in Nancy in 1963, I grew up in Saint Nicolas de Port or my parents built a house, we regularly engaged in the completion of the latter. My father who was a great depression (he shot his mother with a rifle as a teenager), while very good handyman (he taught me a lot), not least was living not a pervert pedophile who abused me many times. My mother for not losing her little comfort not want to hear anything of my whining, she even made a point to bring her the least of our failures to the iron discipline imposed us our parents, so I was afraid of ‘anxieties evening return our father. I heard the car arrive, creaking brakes on the descent of the garage, the door open, entered the car in neutral, my father up the stairs to the basement, went to the bathroom, past take to the kitchen a glass of water with these 10 Valium and aspirin, mounted in the master bedroom join my mother. There I heard my father talk loudly and left the room to give a violent correction in one or two of us, he savagely furiously like a beast of prey. And returned, with my mother while they were making love!

My mother, a notorious grasshopper who gave birth to her first child at the age of twenty years (at that time the majority was 21 years), had 7 children at the age of 34 years!

Never having wanted to learn anything or to school, or at home, she has « high » suddenly belts, sticks, unlawful confinement in the dark and multiple sciences or I was on coarse salt knees (or bird seeds, deposited on the floor of the kitchen) straight hands on the head during one or more hours (time stretched if I cried)! At the end of the torture I got up and withdrew one by one the bird seeds (or grains of salt) my bloody knees. This was very bad but out of the question to manifest if I do not want it again! This is only an example for decency forbids me to say more advantage!

family environment, I was also the maid, the handyman (very gifted child awake and dynamic over-think, I learned very quickly), it made me miss school to supplements the absences of my mother (or father) at home (male Cinderella).

Nevertheless I wanted my mother to be proud of me, as I was the first to graduate (all others have failed), the first to do my national 
service, I ended up having a CAP 81, BEP in 83, get level III Counterpart computer 90, get my accountant BAC as winner in '95, to follow 
engineering studies and be employed in that capacity for taught former prisoners, architects, children school with my BAFA I've had in 84 
(I started my gifts in 1981) medalist blood donation in 99, I stopped my gifts of later taking tranquilizers.
I got married in 1986 with a paraplegic woman with whom I stayed 12 years and gave me two daughters.
Chase the past, if you had not done your mourning their spots!
In 1986 my father committed suicide with a bullet in the head after he had me on the phone. First in the family to place in his apartment 
rue Léo Delibes in Jarville, I see him bathed in blood the head exploded! The memory remains etched, I start to get depressed even before 
my marriage.
Reading the correspondence he had with my mother ( they were separated and divorcing ) , I see begging my mother to ask her forgiveness 
a hundred times and meet him the horrors I pass you the content . Also at that time my mother was already in its second guy from the start 
of my father in 1980 !
In 1998 I Nth a suicide attempt (I had made ​​a number between 1989 and 1998 , but I saved me from the hospital ) leads me in confinement 
in psychiatric HDT , my wife does not come to see me one once during my stay of six weeks for divorce without me spoke . Learning this 
at my hospital discharge , I redo a TS or I inoculated myself mercury in IM. I would keep this 17 months, risking my arm / my life.

From 1998 to 2006 the TS is chained and succeed , my stays in psychiatries becomes almost monthly ( I would stay 4 months in unit 4 of EIC , it is let go after the mercury removal ) . I have two psychiatrists who follow me and each time a different psychiatrist each new hospital that changes me every time my treatment (in person do not know what I really because I act in all lucidity , coldly and consciously ) one of them will tell me later that she did not give me over 4 years to live when my eyes first ! Mine who is a penchant for alcohol from an early age (we drank often at home and very young ) , I sink into alcoholism and the total indifference of society that treats me like a pariah , a scum !

In 2001 after the suicide of my younger brother Samuel when he was followed by CPN Laxou that again, never saw it coming (for my part I know two other women who committed suicide in the enclosure EIC), it’s nice, you put your children in psychiatry for protection of themselves and they are suicides (it must be said that CPN, when you wanted to entrust no one really competent and even less available for this! most of the time they tell you (yes in ten minutes, ten minutes never arrive in the major party of the time). We are left to our own is mixed with drug addicts, alcoholics , pedophiles, often dangerous schizophrenic, etc …….) Samuel who had run away at the age of 13 years and placed in a home by DASS to protect the domestic abuse was followed in these conditions, so he finished by hanging himself. On October 3, 2001 I returned to cure himself for alcohol withdrawal, when I left I spend four months in 62 Kg and 135 Kg! Since arriving in Neuves-Maisons in AGAFAB home, I invested in various associations (ACO, GRI (I am elected Secretary), Moving Forward Together (I am elected Assistant Treasurer), Secours Catholique, CCFD , FMO, Memory and Workers elected to the Social Life Council, I give free computer classes).

In 2006 when I visit a friend when he was going to end his life alone, clinic Gentilly, it introduces me to Monique BLAISE he is 
dedicated and attentive, he said, to make her happy because she deserves it. It was these last wishes, his last words before giving 
up the ghost. I leave Neuves-Maisons short time later to get me moving in with Monique I'm really in love!
Monique two children, a girl and a boy who are held against their will by their father in Tunisia, his wife Odette EL HAKIMI remains 
in Vandoeuvre, close to the home of Monique, knowing or they retain, will ignore court decisions and make accomplice of her husband, 
she never will thereby recover Monique children is, on the contrary she even sought was a time to remove them from the authority of 
their mother enjoying her teaching statutes. It is only that she was fighting!
In 2009 the children return to Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy one by one after running away from Mehdi to the embrace of France in Tunis on the 
advice of a taxi driver because he had to walk back! Upon returning I thought was a good thing, because great evil took me here begins 
my punishment!
Children do not accept me, Melissa begins by deliberately planting a knife in the throat in 2010, she will look to the kitchen while 
she is in the living room, and comes to me while I was standing near the bathroom for me to plant. I emerged with 3 or 5 days of ITT, 
I do not remember too much of that detail. For love Monique I'm not a complaint, I personally think that Melissa became a bit depressed.

If’m regular death threats, we start on my mailbox to send emails to my hot female contacts, it pretends to be me with my profile in advocating for zoophilia, it destroyed my clothes, etc …… Besides these unemployed youth (they are failing at school, Mehdi is even failure SEGPA cycle that is to say, it is completely illiterate, does not understand what he reads because he can not analyze, plus it does not count and do not understand the logic ……). This one though minor at the time going on those nights very violent games or it counts the dead he does and watching horror movies (SAW among others). He sleeps during the day and therefore does not participate nothing in the life of the home. Melissa will grow and eventually leave the home in 2015, between time with all that I wanted once again to end my days because I could not stand my life hell that imposed these two young, I then passes eight days in a coma between life and death in 2012 after absorbing several hundred tablets and swallowed several bottles anxiolytics.

Mehdi grew up and became more aggressive with me, he does not spend a day or I found shit in my shoes, scissors in my business, yogurt and seeds Rabbit on my computer … ETC. I had good phoned the police and they laugh at me, write to Justice AR no further ……… Mehdi then imposed a dictatorship death (he forces her mother to watch people being beheaded on the net and critique me , insult me, threaten me to make me much when I refuse to see it!). Confusing these increasingly violent games with reality, Mehdi EL HAKIMI training is imposing on me in me all kinds of abuse in the back of his mother, I do not know what he then tries but it’s horrible and dangerous. It starts by killing the Rabbit in 2012, I found two frozen rats, in terms of Samy poodle, he astray (apparently) between Maron and Vandoeuvre during a long night walk! To avoid this we will take a big dog afterwards.

The days become increasingly hard to bear, then I launched in 2015 in volunteering, an engineer at Lorraine HH then to the Food Bank,
 I turn to Hinduism late 2015 because I saw no God can not tolerate this, it's just that i none! I ended up not to resign in early 2016 
the Food Bank because I plan on starting a Saint Etienne ROUVRAIS in a temple. The disease will make me do otherwise. Achieved first 
hétérochromosome Genetics, my liver is showing signs of weakness, then I have to stop all kind of emergency treatment by mouth as well 
as adopted a simple and sober lifestyle. Mehdi who cares continues to expand these gruesome acts, forcing me to spend all my time within 
the four walls of my room and eat frozen when I manage to eat! To go Piser where shit is anxiety, I have to cross the living room where 
he is all the time almost naked, and wipe those vulgar and outrageous bullying! In the shower I do not take more because the light goes 
outside, he then turned off in the dark I slip in the tub and fell under its laughs (having been operated eyes, it could be quite dangerous ). 
Me knowing traumatized by weapons since my father's suicide with this, collection all kinds of fake weapons, copies of the real and scrolls 
in the apartment in the racks on him with the Nazi hello! Mehdi death threats in death threats will take action 23 March 2016, I would stay 
paralyzed whole evening on my bed The next day I take the use of my legs but found glass in all my shoes. I urge supplies his mother to transfer 
Mehdi! Mehdi EL HAKIMI will be the home of the door March 24, 2016 at 8 am 00 am.
Mehdi EL HAKIMI has copped as suspended for tagged mosque Vandoeuvre with racist and xenophobic, yet it has the Tunisian blood!
Today I survived but sick liver and heart! I have to wear a patch with nitroglycerin to prevent myocardial!



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